17 Tribal Militia Killed in D.R.C


The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo has said it has killed 17 tribal militia in the Central region of Kasai.

The Congolese troops carried out the ambush on the militiamen a few days ago.

According to a local police captain, the prisoners were being held at the Army Headquarters pending their transfer to the provincial capital.

The prisoners were arrested by the army for gathering in a forest in the Central Region of Kasai. In 2016, violence broke out between these militias and the government after their leader was killed by Congolese troops.

During the violence, 100s of people were killed and more than a million displaced in the violence.

A family expelled from Angola walks to Tshikapa, Kasai Province. Luggage and children on a bike.
📸 UNHCR/M. Cissoko

Several weapons were recovered in the forest raid.





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