The win by Ann Mvurya as UNSA chairperson was forced on the throats of delegates and onto the hearts of comrades


Prof. Mbithi’s 1st term as UoN VC ends mid this year and he wants another term by whatever means.Only students and staff through their unions (UNSA & UASU) can stop him from getting a 2nd term. Elections for UNSA had therefore to be ”guided” to ensure the smooth realization of Mbithi’s ambition.

UNSA had 3 candidates.SAMWEL AYOMA was a progressive radical and couldn’t guarantee Mbithi another term as students have suffered under the VC’s watch. When asked, another candidate for chair ERTIMAN OILE said he will consult his team first. Its only Ann Mvurya that blatantly accepted and agreed to ensure Prof. Mbithi gets another term as UoN VC.

So how were the delegates convinced??

Immediately after their swearing in yesterday, the delegates were hurriedly bundled into a bus and ferried to a hotel along Ngong’ road and there’s where the UoN administrators started lobbying for Anne Mvurya. All their phones were taken and switched off. The message was firm and clear.” Vote unanimously for Ann Mvurya or we suspend you.”

Initially, 28 out of the 36 delegates refused and insisted on free ,fair and credible polls. At around 10 am this morning , Prof Jarma entered the hall where the delegates were having breakfast. He dialed his phone and placed it on loudspeaker. The loud voice from the phone was a familiar voice of a popular sitting Nairobi MP who started by promising them Ksh. 10,000 each and then proceeded to promise them goodies like bursaries, scholarships, internships, jobs etc. Before the phone was hung, another familiar voice spoke to the delegates. The voice was of UoN VC prof Mbithi who insisted that the delegates should do the ”right thing” and elect someone who’ll ensure peace and tranquility reigns in the university. He finished by issuing mild threats and imploring the delegates to vote for Ann Mvurya or face unknown consequences.

21 delegates protested the move and even threatened to walk out of the hotel. The 21 delegates made good their threat. While they were walking out, they met the MPs personal assistant at the Hotel lobby carrying their goodies in a brown envelope (of 10k each. ) . 8 of the 21 went back with the MPs PA while the rest remained in the lobby pondering on what to do next. At around 1pm, only 12 delegates were at the lobby as 1 who had pretended to use the toilets ended up joining the 23. Meanwhile, UoN administrators saw no need to seek a unanimous vote as they had in their pocket a decisive majority, 24 delegates.

A few minutes after 1pm, the delegates were signaled to enter a bus outside the hotel to ferry them to Chiromo campus to listen to the aspirants and to do the voting. The three aspirants , Ayoma, Ann and Oile, debated in front of the delegates trying to convince an already decided vote. The die was already cast. It was just a gimmick, a formality to fool the other aspirants that they stood a chance.

Funnily and suspiciously enough, UoN admin bloggers had started peddling the 24 number 1 hour before the actual voting even took place. It was meant to test the reaction of students and weigh their response. After voting took place, the admin was not surprised as their predictions came true. The 24 delegates did as they had promised.

Because UoN admin feared the news of the ”guiding” could break out as the delegates were getting back their phones, they rushed Ann Mvurya and her team for a quick swearing in. Mbithi even hurriedly left his house in sleepers to personally appear for the swearing in (check closely at the swearing in photos)

All in all, the win by Ann Mvurya was forced on the throats of delegates and onto the hearts of comrades simply because the underperforming Professor wants a 2nd term as VC. Now only 1 election stands in the path of Mbithi’s 2nd term, that of UASU (University Academic Staff Union) Whether or not Ann Mvurya will deliver her promise, whether or not she will serve comrades diligently, today will go down as the saddest day for comradeship. A day of gloom.

I have advised Samwel Ayoma to appeal as it will encourage the delegates to testify against this gross violation of the natural rules of justice


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