Nandi and Vihiga among the first counties to set up geospatial centres

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang during the GIS launch

GIS Lab is a Service department anchored in the office of the Governor, providing linkages and services between County Government departments in the use of Geospatial Data and Information for planning and decision making.

Among my commitments to the people of Nandi when Governor sang was seeking their trust in leading the County was his promise to address the Historical Land Injustices that subjected the people of Nandi to untold suffering in their own land.

The petition to the National Land Commission has since been processed.

“I am happy that the ruling of all the cases was in favor of the people of Nandi. This therefore mean that we have a clear guideline on how we shall address the issue of squatters and all the communities that were involved in such injustices. With the establishment of GIS lab, we shall be able to clearly identify and map all the areas with ease and take the necessary action as guided by the National Land Commission. GIS lab will also help in development of our county spatial plan that will guide the development of urban areas so as to ensure proper utilisation of land resources in the county.” H.E Stephen Sang speaking during the launch of the county‚Äôs first ever Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) laboratory, a project that has been made successful with support of the European Union(EU) and Food and Agricultural Commission (FAO).

GIS combines cartography with statistical analysis and database technology to capture, analyze, and present geographic information in a way that is useful to decision and policy makers.


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