I am very much prepared to travel the whole hog – Governor Sang

Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang who was on Tuesday charged with malicious damage to property and incitement to violence for leading county officials and locals to destroy tea bushes on a private farm has officialy given out his official statement on his arrest.

While speaking today H.E Stephen sang said he is much ready and prepared to travel the whole hog.

“For the record, I wish to state as follows regarding the recent developments in Nandi County.
It will never be okay and normal for Kibwari PLC, which owns thousands of acres in the area to attempt with impunity by use of influence, power and money to grab a paltry two acres of land operating as a cattle dip for hundreds of poor peasant farmers so as to extend their tea estate. How immoral can it be?
As long as I am the Governor of Nandi County, I will not accept this county to operate like an Animal Farm where the rights and welfare of the poor are suppressed and the mighty and wealthier operate with outright impunity. We will subject all and sundry to the rule of law, irrespective of your influence, status, power, wealth or money you have.
I want to serve a notice to all those who have perpetuated this impunity and trampled on the poor that it shall not be business as usual. And if to defend the rights of the poor against masters of impunity will take me to court, that is the road I am very much prepared to travel the whole hog.
I want to assure those that have benefitted from manipulation, intimidation, blackmail and abuse of power that they will not succeed. The great people of Nandi will not allow it.
As for the masters of impunity, you can use your money to manipulate the system and compromise the politicians, but the journey to recover grabbed public land in Nandi, has begun and is unstoppable.
For avoidance of doubt, the public land in question is Nandi-Hills/ Kapsimotwo block 2(Kettchem)/234 which is land set aside as Kaburet cattle dip, this is the land that we recovered. However, the charges preferred against me were for alleged destruction of property on Land Reference Number 6075. This appears to have been conveniently prepared to defeat the High Court orders issued at Eldoret.
This level of manipulation of the system to silence me will not succeed and I will not bow to pressure from the said masters of impunity to drop the course for the majority of Nandi residents.
I sympathize with some of my fellow elected leaders in the county who were duped into siding with the said masters and betrayed the people of Nandi who elected them to champion, fight and defend their rights. I advise them to reconsider their stand and join me in defending the rights and welfare of all Nandi residents irrespective of their status in society.”



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