WE, like minded members of parliament , aware of the magnitude of interest in the discourse on the BBI, coupled with the prospective changes to the nation that the process presents, have met here in Naivasha for the last two days.

We strongly believe in keeping mwananchi & their issues at the heart of the national discourse such as the current BBI process.

We fully support the BBI Report in all its elements as presented at Bomas. That position has not changed. However, since the taskforce is collecting further views on the document to develop the implementation framework, we commit to actively participate and also engage Mwananchi so that we ensure that the issues therein remain people centred.

We have noted with great concern the manner in which the BBI popularization rallies have been conducted so far. The discussions have mainly been on personalities and positions for the political class.This is in stark contrast to the original objective of the course. We are desirous of shifting the discussion back to the people and their issues.
In this regard, we have resolved as follows.

1. We will mobilize, participate and encourage all Kenyans to attend rallies already announced.
2. We will ensure the mainstreaming of other stakeholders including business people, farmers, professionals,youth, religious groups & civil society in this process and not just politicians .
3. We propose additional rallies to facilitate greater participation, inclusivity so as to promote wider understanding of the BBI document and its capture of people issues
4. We urge the BBI Taskforce (Haji) committee to urgently release the schedule of public engagement meetings preferably in every constituency to harness the opinions/suggestions of Kenyans in their localities.

5. Funding to the Judiciary remains an issue of concern to all progressive Kenyans. Access to justice is greatly hampered by continuous underfunding. The Chief Justice has spoken publicly about this on numerous occasions. It is our proposal that a minimum of 3.5% of the national revenue be allocated to the judiciary fund.

6.Minority communities feel isolated in the current constitutional dispensation. As we progress with the BBI discussion, we MUST scheme a formula to have them feel included.

7. Before the creation of political positions and additional layers of government, a mwananchi economic and social fund must be entrenched in the constitution with 15% of national revenue, to be jointly managed by county/national government and spread as follows;

a)To deal with the challenges of fluctuations in prices facing farmers produce including milk,coffee,sugarcane, tea, maize among others, 5% of national revenue be set aside to finance Guaranteed Minimum Return (GMR) to all farmers.

b)To support many young graduands leaving tertiary institutions including TVETs and university, 5% of national revenue be allocated to pay stipend for a maximum of five years while they look for employment. The stipend ceases immediately one is employed. This will be in addition to the social protection fund for the elderly.

c)To support economic growth and SMES, which account for 60% of employment, 5% of national revenue be allocated to give interest free loans to start ups,micro and small enterprises including kiosks, boda boda, and small scale traders.

In order to complement already planned meetings, we wish to announce that we shall have additional rallies across the country. The first of those additional BBI rallies will be held on the 8th Feb 2020 in Nakuru and shall be subsequently followed by other additional rallies organized by leaders and the people in all our counties.

We will be issuing further dates in due course as shall be proposed by the leaders. All Kenyans including leaders from all political persuasions are invited and there shall be no parallel rallies.


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